How to share SSH tunnel for an non-jailbreak iPad


I bought an new iPad last week.The fonts on the screen are incredibly sharp!
You may want to hold it,lazy in bed watch the YouTube and Vimeo.But due some reason ,we can’t watch them cause they’re been blocked.

Some may suggest using VPN,that’s fine,and the easiest way,but SSH Tunneling is much cheaper.
if you don’t have your iPad jailbreaked,so local port forwarding will not going to work.We need share a established tunnel with a pc which on our home network .Let’s do it ,in this way:

  1. First,connect an SSH in your PC.
    1. I prefer “Bitvise Tunnelier” for client ,connect ssh for the tunnel as you used to,but change the Listen Interface to (see the screenshot ) and port 37111(as you want)
      Listen Interface
    2. You may need to accept the incoming port (in this case is TCP 37111)on the firewall
  2. Open the text editor ,and make a PAC file
    1. Copy the code down here,and change to your PC’s ip address,and 37111 as your set
      function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
      return 'SOCKS';
    2. Upload the .pac file to your FTP server(highly recommended the tiny “Slyar FTPserver“,it’s the best way to build a local ftp server in just few seconds) or http server whatever where your iPad could access, and remember the address of your uploaded file
  3. Change the iPad http proxy->; Auto ->;URL to your .pac file’s location


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